FAQ's - Lauren R. H. Campbell Photography

General Questions

How do I book a session with you?
Easy! Just Call me at 717.253.5681 or send me an email at laurencampbellphoto@yahoo.com!

Do you require a deposit or retainer for bookings?
50% of the package/session price is due at the time of booking in order to secure your spot.  This retainer is non-refundable and will be applied to your package/session total.

How do we see our proofs?  
I offer an in-person viewing session in the weeks following your portrait session.  This can be scheduled at your portraits sessions or afterwards.  During your viewing session not only will you see the proofs from your session but all of the products that I offer as well as samples. 

Do you photograph weddings? 
Unfortunately, I no longer photograph weddings.  

Newborn Session Questions

When should I get my baby's photos taken?
AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!  I prefer to photograph newborns prior to 10 days old when they are the sleepiest and most "moldable" into different positions without waking up.  While my preference lies with very young newborns that doesn't mean that it is impossible to photograph a three week old newborn, however, they tend to be more awake and curious about their surroundings.  In these cases, it's very important to follow the Newborn Guide I send out prior to your session. 

When is the best time to get on your schedule for my newborn?
Please contact me as early in your pregnancy as possible to get on my schedule.  I only schedule a finite amount of newborn sessions per week.  Since babies come when they want I keep my schedule as flexible as possible to accommodate this. 

Do you have a studio for newborns?
I do!  My cozy studio is all set up for your gorgeous newborns to come in.  With full access to a variety of props there is something for everyone. 

How long does a newborn session last?
Newborns take patience.  I am a mommy myself so I understand how often they need fed or soothed back to sleep.  I am patient!  Sessions can take up to 3 hours.  I am now also offering Petite Newborn Session which are an hour long - newborn only poses.  Again, especially with the Petite session it is VERY important to follow the Newborn Guide to ensure we get the most poses in the time allotted.  

What do I need to bring to the session?
Prior to your session I will send out a Newborn Guide with all of the information you will need for your session.  Please bring formula if formula fed.  Babies often like to cluster feed during newborn sessions so please bring enough to accommodate multiple feedings.  Diapers, wipes (I do keep these on hand as well), change of clothes for parents if they wish to participate in the photos.  If bringing children along please bring something along to keep them busy. 

Children's Sessions

What is different about your children's sessions?
My goal is to customize your session to you and your child.  Is there a special lullaby you sing them at night that you'd like to incorporate into your session? Or do you want to bring along your family pet? Just let me know and I'll do my best to make every detail perfect. 

Where do I find the gowns I see in a lot of your photos?
I keep a lot of gorgeous gown on-hand for client-use.  The majority that I currently have range anywhere from children's sizes 4-8.  These gowns are hard-to-find gowns that will make your little girl feel like a princess!!!  I also have handmade floral crowns and clips to match the dresses.  

What about boys?  Do you have any outfits for them?
I am currently in the process of increasing my outfit selection to include more boy options.  Currently, I have coveralls, hats, suspenders and bow-ties.  If there is something you are looking for just reach out and ask! I may already have it on hand!

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  • 4th of July | Fayetteville, PA Children's Photographer
  • Easter Mini Session  |  Norlo Park  |  Chambersburg, PA
  • Apple Orchard Minis  |  Chambersburg, PA

Maternity Session Questions

At what point in my pregnancy is best for maternity photos?
I usually say around 32 weeks is best.  This is typically before the quick weight-gain happens or water retention.  You are less likely to be super uncomfortable by this point and able to walk, sit, stand in different poses and at different locations. 

Do you have gowns that you provide or do I provide my own?
Currently, I have a selection of gowns to choose from, however, you are more than welcome to provide your own if there is a specific look that you're going for.  In general, I tend to choose sizes that will fit the majority of my clientele.  You are more than welcome to come to the studio and take a look at what I have and try on the gowns to see what fits best.  

I would like to get maternity photos and newborn photos.  Is there a package for that?
Yes! Just check out "Investment" under Newborn and Maternity.  There are several packages to choose from. 

I have seen floral crowns in several of your photos.  Where can I get these?
I custom make floral bonnets, crowns and headpieces to match outfits or special requests.  Just let me know what you're looking for and I can come up with a special piece just for your session. 

Senior Session Questions

What is included in a senior photo session?  Included in your session fee is 2 hours, multiple outfit changes and 2 locations that are relatively close to each other.  I often photograph seniors on the Gettysburg Battlefield at several locations on the field itself so that is considered 1 location.  

What should I wear for my session?  Wear what defines you!!  I would bring along something dressy for more classic photos but other than that wear what you feel most comfortable in.  Were you in sports?  Bring along your jersey.  Are you a ballet dancer?  Bring along your tutu.  I want your photos to show YOU!

What about props?  Sessions usually go approximately 2 hours.  I allow for 2 locations that are relatively close to each other as well as many outfit changes as you'd like.  It's your 2 hours! I am willing to do pretty much anything!Typically, I recommend a dressy outfit for the more "classic" senior photos.  For the other outfits choose something that defines you and shows your style.  Bring along your rugby uniform top, football jersey, that old hat you always wear.  We will find a way to get your personality to shine in every photo.   I do not usually bring along any props for a senior session unless something is specifically requested.  However, if you were involved in any school activities or have specific interests feel free to bring along anything you wish.  

Family Session Questions

What should we wear for our family photos?
Color, color and more color!!!  The ole khakis and white shirts matchy-match is OUT! and color is in!!  What's really beautiful is when everyone wears the same color family - like fall colors (oranges, browns,  yellow, greens) or blues in different shades.  Or a pop of color - Mom wearing a red scarf, Dad wearing a red polo and a child wearing a red and white striped shirt.  A great place to check out ideas is Pinterest! Just search for family photo outfit ideas!

Also, it's nice to keep it simple.  Avoid logos or busy patterns.  Bright colors in solids or stripes is nice.  Feel free to bring along a change or two of clothing!

What if our kids don't cooperate? 
Hey, I am a mommy, too! And I have some serious patience!!  I will do everything I possibly can to ensure that we get some fantastic photographs!!!  I promise! Make sure to bring along a snack or drink for them or maybe a special toy or lovie.  I have several photos of my daughter with her lovie (we call him Woobie) because it relaxes her. 

How long will it take for us to see our photos? 
2-3 weeks is my usual length of time for the delivery of proofs. We can schedule your viewing session at the time of your portrait session or once the images are edited     

Do you have a studio?
YES!!!! I am very very excited to be offering sessions in my newly-built studio located next to my home.  Although I am still getting organized I am fully ready for full portrait sessions. 

Examples of outfits

Mini Session Questions

What are mini sessions?
Mini sessions are a shortened, smaller version of a regular session typically focused more towards children.  These themed sessions usually take place around holidays.  

How much do they cost?
Each mini session is priced differently than the next but are usually less than a regular session and come with either digital images, prints or combination of both.  

What comes with it?
Each one is different, however, the mini sessions typically only come with digital images and sometimes prints. 

What if I want to order prints?
You will be given full printing rights to prints your digital images where you choose to, however, if you would like professionally produced images just let me know and I'll order them for you!

Fall, Easter & Sunflower Mini Sessions

Have a question for me?  Feel free to call me at 717.253.5681 or drop me a line at laurencampbellphoto@yahoo.com.
 I look forward to hearing from you!

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