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Project 365

What is project 365?  Simply, it's the act of taking a photograph everyday for one year.  So, why would someone want to do this?  Well,  there are several different reasons to embark on a daily photographic journey.  For one, as a photographer, it is important to use your camera every day.  It not only keeps your skills sharp but also allows for you to keep on learning.  Second, you can make the project about anything you wish!! For me, I'd like to take a moment each day to reflect on my family and our take a look at what is around me and appreciate the beauty in everything.  You can expect my 365 day project to be filled with lots and lots of personal photographs!! 

Day 1/365

On this day, Teigan really wanted to watch Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix.  The episode we chose to watch was a music video.  At this point she was in her pajamas but once she saw what the girls in the video were wearing she insisted on a dress (to be a "princess" she said) and boots.  She picked up her Frozen karaoke player and began to "rock out" as she said.  

Day 2/365

Painting with my sweetheart.  Her new favorite pass time. 

Day 3/365

I just couldn't decide between these two.  The first is of our handsome old man.  He is 10 1/2 and just the sweetest guy in the whole wide world!!

The second photo is from when Teigan insisted on doing a "check up" on Daddy.  She's checking his eyes - the next one I took after this was her jamming it in his eye!  

Days 4-6/365

Does this mean I failed already?  hahah!  I took enough today to clearly make up for missing 2 days (already!!).  Playing in the snow!

Day 7/365

Several months ago I discovered a lump in my breast that turned my world upside down.  After many many many tests and agonizing weeks the lump turned out to be benign.  My husband stood there with me through it all!!  He got me this very special necklace for Christmas.  

Days 8-10/365

We spent the say at the Harrisburg Farm Show where there were lots of fun things for kids to see and do.  Teigan loved the carousel and the butterfly house.  She was able to catch lot of different kinds of butterflies!

Day 11/365

My handsome hubby doing the dishes :)

Day 12/365

I have been trying to get this photo of my daughter for quite some time now.  We got this angel-shaped nightlight at our baby shower from my mother-in-law.  Teigan sleeps with it every night.  It lights her face up so beautifully!  This morning she was laying facing it and looked so sweet, innocent and angelic.  

Day 13/365

I participated in the Herald-Mail Bridal Expo at the Valley Mall in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Here's one shot of my booth.  It was a great, successful day!

Day 14/365

This is the sticker on my daughter's reward chart for pooing in the potty for the first time!!! We are soooo very proud of her!!!!  

Day 15/365

A few weeks ago our old man was diagnosed with cancer.  Last week he had a large tumor removed from his front leg.  He is healing and doing great.  Teigan loves to love on him and give him kisses and hugs.  She's always telling him that he's a good boy and asking him how he is.  She's such a great little sister to him!

Day 16/365

SNOW DAY!!! Finally, it was warm enough out today to play in (and eat!) the snow a little!

The Chambersburg Country Club Bridal Show was the perfect opportunity to discuss in detail with brides about their special day and the services that I offer.  What a beautiful day!

Day 18/365

Teigan playing with her play princess camera.  She loves taking photos of daddy and Smuckers!

Teigan seems to have developed a love for reading like her mommy.  She loves to lay in her bed with all of her stuffies and books and read out loud to hersef.  <3

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